XPad is the first cross-chain decentralized fundraising platform built on the Fantom network. XPad aims to provide exposure to innovative projects across multiple chains, with an initial focus on the rapidly evolving Fantom ecosystem.

What is XPAD:

The only thing we’ll never allow to vary is the quality of research, the quality of the people on our team and the quality of the projects we incubate.

Ownership of $XPAD tokens will provide holders access to our pre-sales. Our platform will have a staking mechanism and enable IDO participants to provide funds in a decentralized manner.

Having reviewed other IDO platforms we soon realised that guaranteed allocations simply do not work and have opted for a tiered FCFS structure to be implemented. We aim to launch 2–4 projects a month to ensure the quality of projects are maintained at a high standard.

Social Links

Telegram Chat: https://t.me/xpadfinance

Telegram Announcement: https://t.me/xpadannouncements

A Decentralised Fundraising Platform on Fantom